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Mint Julep Cocktail

Celebrate The Kentucky Derby this year with a sweet, little twist on the iconic Mint Julep cocktail. All the same ingredients, just with a dash of honey to enhance the flavors in the Kentucky bourbon. This age-old drink can be enjoyed anytime of the year, but definitely something you should make if you’re partaking in Derby festivities.

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Save the Bees, Save the Planet

On Earth Day 2021, the Great Lakes Bee Company would like to remind you about exactly WHY bees are an integral part of the world’s ecosystem. Preventing the world wide population decline of the bees will be a huge step in helping save the planet.

Fast Facts

  • 1/3 of the American diet is pollinated by insects and a whopping 80% of those insects are bees (National Honey Board)
  • Crops that depend on pollination are 5x more valuable than those that do not (World Wildlife Fund)
  • Of the top 100 human food crops (which are responsible for 90% of the world’s nutrition), 70 are pollinated by bees (Green Peace).
  • Pollinators add a $18 billion revenue value to crop production (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
  • One survey indicates in 2020, beekeepers lost 22% of their bee-population (Bee Informed)

What you can do

  1. Cut down or discontinue the use of pesticides in your yard, especially during pollinating season while plants are blooming
  2. Plant bee-friendly flowers and herbs in your garden or yard. Allow for bee-friendly weeds to grow, especially in early spring, pre-flowers-blooming
  3. Create a “bee-bath” (a bird-bath for bees) using a shallow container of water with rocks, marbles, etc. for bees to land, rest, and drink
  4. Support local beekeepers by buying their honey, beeswax, and other bee products so they can continue in their local bee-saving efforts
  5. Donate to an organization dedicated to promoting and ensuring the local, national, and or international health and diversity of bee populations
  6. Consider becoming a beekeeper to help strengthen your local bee population and increase pollinating efforts for your local flora
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Honey & Turmeric Brightening Face Mask

Looking for natural skin care products to give you bright, clean skin? Well, look no further. We have the perfect face mask for you to try. This mask is super affordable. You can make it yourself at home and it only needs two ingredients!

History and Benefits of Honey & Turmeric 

If you’re going to add anything to your skincare routine, we recommend these two naturally occurring rock stars. Honey and turmeric have been used for centuries to treat skin and other health problems. More recently, they have entered the mainstream American skincare game. Famous actress Priyanka Chopra called honey her “secret ingredient” for skin and she swears by making her own traditional Indian turmeric face mask. Turmeric and honey skin treatments have been passed down for generations in Indian beauty culture, so it’s no wonder Priyanka is a die-hard fan of these two products.

Turmeric has a long cultural and medicinal history in India with the first recorded use of it dating back 4,000 years ago. What makes this spice so effective for skin? Turmeric contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Due to these healing properties, turmeric is great for reducing face puffiness and hyperpigmentation. Studies have shown turmeric even has the potential to treat skin diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, aging, and skin cancer.

Honey is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Did you know honey used to be used to treat wounds before the creation of medical grade anti-bacterial medicine. Believe it or not, raw honey actually has incredibly strong antibacterial properties. If you don’t buy raw honey however, this face mask won’t work. Processed honey completely loses its amazing anti-bacterial abilities. You can buy our unprocessed, raw & unfiltered Michigan honey here.

With Great Color Comes Great Responsibility: Avoiding Stains

Be careful with this face mask. Turmeric’s intense, vibrant color also comes with a tendency to stain. When applying this mask, don’t use any clothes, washcloths, or towels you don’t want stained. More importantly, don’t leave the mask on for too long! You don’t want to end up like this TikToker who temporarily stained her face yellow. All it took was a little scrub to remove the yellow pigment, but just be careful. The TikToker also didn’t use honey, which helps prevent the stains. If you’re really worried about staining your hands or face, add some yogurt to your mixture. This will help dilute the color while also adding additional skin benefits. Yogurt contains a very small amount of lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid helpful for gently exfoliating dead skin cells.

The Beauty of DIY: Complete Customizing Control

One of the best parts about this face mask-  you can completely customize it to fit your skin needs. Almost any common at-home skincare ingredient can be added to this mixture. Throw in a dollop of aloe vera gel for moisture or a drop of tee tree oil or apple cider vinegar to add more acne fighting properties. Rosewater or cucumber juice can help reduce redness and soothe the skin. Add raw eggs to turn it into a scalp treatment. The possibilities are endless. If you’re planning on sticking to the 2 basic ingredients, here’s what you’ll need:

How to Make Your Honey & Turmeric Brightening Face Mask


1 tablespoon Great Lakes Bee Co. honey

1 teaspoon turmeric powder


  1. Mix together  ingredients in a small bowl
  2. Apply thin layer of mixture to entire face using a brush
  3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes
  4. Wash face with warm water and cleanser of choice
  5. Wipe off remaining with warm, wet wash cloth
  6. Apply toner, witch hazel, or cleansing water with a cotton pad
  7. Finish with moisturizer

Use this face mask daily, weekly, or as needed. Enjoy your glowing skin!

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Antique Honey Jars with Wax-Dipped Cork

How magical looking are these antique honey jars customized with corks hand-dipped in beeswax! You only need two materials- both of which can be found on our website. Simple and elegant. Perfect for weddings, table decorations, gifts, and more!


1 bottle of Great Lakes Bee Co. Honey in our Antique Jar with Cork

1 pack Great Lakes Bee Co. Pure Beeswax Bars


  1. Melt Beeswax in a double boiler, or in a heat-proof bowl in simmering water
  2. Remove the cork from your Antique Jar
  3. Dip the cork 2-3 times in melted wax
  4. Place the cork back in the jar while the wax is still warm
  5. Let sit until hardened
  6. Decorate with charms, ribbons, paint, twine, etc.

It’s that easy! A simple way to take these honey jars up a notch.

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Our Wood Conditioner Featured in Midwest Living Magazine

Last month, Midwest Living magazine featured The Great Lakes Bee Company in an article as part of their February publication. This bi-monthly publication that focuses on travel, food, home, and garden saved a spot for us in their piece titled, “Our Guide to Midwest Honey Finds”. The Great Lakes Bee Company found its Butcher Block Conditioner highlighted among several other admirable bee and honey businesses.

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