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Health Benefits of Rose

Rose petals have a long history of being used in homeopathic medicine. Today, roses still offer incredible health benefits, and we even create infused honey flavors from it. Roses can be turned into rose tea, rose hip oil, rosewater, essentials oils, and more.

Roses are known for their medicinal properties. They contain polyphenols which are highly important for fighting off diseases, including the prevention of cancer. Roses have been known to produce cytotoxic effects towards cervical and breast cancer and suppress lung and colon cancer cells. It’s also antimicrobial to several strains of bacteria and anti fungal towards types of yeast infections.

Rose are nutritious in that they are an antioxidant and contain lots of phytonutrients. High in vitamin C and E, roses are a great supplement for those seeking healthier skin and preventing seasonal sicknesses like the flu.

Roses are widely used in skin products for their anti-inflammatory power/abilities, being able to quickly reduce swelling and redness. Similarly, it is able to reduce inflammation in other places in the body, including reducing symptoms of arthritis. Rose can even help with pain relief as well, making it a great substitute or addition to common antihistamines.

It is also shown to have psychological effects. Rose was shown to have mind and body calming effects, anti-anxiety effects, and anti-depressive effects by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine.

To maximize roses healing potential, we infuse rose petals in our Rose Petal Infused Honey for months before bottling. Check out our varying sizes of infused honey here.