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Month in the Hive – January

January in the Hive! This month the queen and her workers are laying low. They’re trying to conserve energy (due to lower food supplies in winter) and trying to keep the hive warm to protect against the cold weather.

As for duties of the beekeeper, you’ll need to focus on food and oxygen. Make sure the bees have adequate sugar patties and add more food as needed. Next, you’ll want to check the entrance of the hive and see if it’s clear. Snow or ice can often block entrances, causing a lack of proper ventilation for the bees. Lastly, make sure your entrance isn’t blocked by any deceased bees that the undertaker bee may have piled up at the entrance but didn’t eject from the hive completely. Dead bees during this time is completely normal. It is expected that by the end of winter, your colony will have drastically decreased in size. 

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