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Month in the Hive – February

Check on your bees! Michigan temperatures are fluctuating, with some days hitting temperatures above 40°F, however that doesn’t mean your bees aren’t still fighting the cold.  Don’t be surprised if you see more fallen soldiers than you had hoped when you take a peek.

Be sure to feed your bees until you see blooms and weather is consistently above 45° F. Knowing how crazy Michigan weather is, this might not be until late April. Looking ahead, weather in March is predicted to be average, with the high temperature on March 11th predicted to be 42° F, not quite 45° F, so be sure to keep feeding those bees. Sugar patties are easy to make and slip into the hive. Don’t add pollen yet, just sugar.  Pollen will stimulate the hive too early. Check out this link, for a great recipe on how to make your own sugar patties at home.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start planning for Spring. Order your bees now on our website to ensure you will have them in May! We have 5 frame Nucs, 9 Frame Deep Nucs, mated queens, and other package options available.