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Honey Provides Superior Energy & Nutritional Benefits for Athletes

Honey is a healthy substitute for sugar and great for diet conscious folk. However, honey is so much more than just a sugar substitute. It is actually an ideal source of energy, far healthier than sugar and other energy sources, making it a highly efficient way for athletes and other active people to fuel their bodies. 

More and more, raw honey has been in the headlines as a must-have for the health conscious. Companies like Equinox, the sensationalized workout club for celebrities and influencers alike, are writing about athletes using honey. Products like Manuka Honey, a form of medicinal and nutritional honey from New Zealand and Australia, has been on the rise and has reached fad status. Basically, honey is hot right now and there’s no surprise as to why, given the exorbitant health benefits honey has, especially for those living an active, health and food conscious lifestyle. But you don’t need overpriced Manuka Honey or an Equinox Membership to utilize the potential honey has to offer when it comes to fueling your body. 

Both honey and sugar contain glucose and fructose, the two main sugar molecules. Regular cane sugar (a.k.a normal, white sugar) however, is processed differently in the body than honey. White sugar must be broken down by your body’s enzymes before you can turn it into energy. Raw honey, on the other hand, already contains an enzyme that breaks down the honey so you can immediately convert it into energy. Due to these properties, honey makes for an excellent pre- and post-workout energy source. Honey also contains far more vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients than regular sugar. Vitamins C, B5, B3, and B12 are found in honey along with minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and more. Since honey is a superior energy source, it also works to improve performance and increase the rejuvenation of muscles according to a study done comparing white sugar with honey. 

Honey is still sugar, so you should only consume 1 tablespoon of honey per day, as recommended by the CDC and the USDA. There are hundreds of different types and varieties of honey. Processed honey contains artificial sweeteners and additives. In fact, processed honey is often cut with ingredients like corn syrup, meaning you’re losing the benefits of what makes honey so nutritional. If your honey has the consistency and stickiness of syrup, that’s a sign you didn’t buy real honey. Real honey is thick and slow-moving, it won’t spread out the way syrup does and it’s much less sticky. Click here to watch a video demonstrating the difference between how real and fake honey flows. Your honey should also have a floral smell, reminiscent of the flowers the bees used to make the honey!

Our Great Lakes Bee Company honey is raw, natural, and local Michigan honey that you can trust to deliver the nutrients your body needs while providing a superior taste. Use our honey to make your own homemade energy drink, with no artificial sweeteners. Refuel during your workout using this tasty recipe found here