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GLBC’s Makes News in the Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press gave us a visit at Kropscott Farms last Saturday to write a story about us and our first bee pick-up day of 2021.  The article covers details about our pick-up event this year like who comes to pick up our bees and why. She also answers questions about the bees themselves including where the bees “vacation” during the Michigan winters and how important bees are for pollinating the crops of local farms.

In the article, Genji warns against the dangers of commercial pesticides. She calls upon readers to join the fight in saving the bees saying, “I want everybody to have a beehive in their backyard because that’s going to help strengthen all of the bees around the planet.” Genji has plans to create more learning opportunities for new and experienced beekeepers. Coming up, beekeepers can stop by Kropscott Farms during the second bee pick-up day at 10am and 1pm on May 22 for smoker lighting and package installation demonstrations.

Even the Detroit Free Press photographer on-site, Eric Seals, said on Facebook that he, “Learned SO much about bees on this assignment.” Eric was on the scene to take some incredible photos of the pick-up day event. He got some great shots- but at a price! He ended up getting accidentally stung but he was a good sport about it. You can view all of Eric’s amazing pictures here.

The interview ended with Genji talking about the evolution of the annual pick-up day event throughout the years. Due to COVID, last years event was cancelled. This year we managed with a smaller, outdoor event but it’s clear the interest in this event is growing. Genji says this may be the start to an annual bee festival where beekeepers, bee clubs, farmers, vendors, retailers, and more can all join to celebrate bees.

Our co-founder Genji had so much interviewing with the Freep team and sharing a little bit about The Great Lakes Bee Company. You can read the full article from the Detroit Free Press on their website here.