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Save the Bees, Save the Planet

On Earth Day 2021, the Great Lakes Bee Company would like to remind you about exactly WHY bees are an integral part of the world’s ecosystem. Preventing the world wide population decline of the bees will be a huge step in helping save the planet.

Fast Facts

  • 1/3 of the American diet is pollinated by insects and a whopping 80% of those insects are bees (National Honey Board)
  • Crops that depend on pollination are 5x more valuable than those that do not (World Wildlife Fund)
  • Of the top 100 human food crops (which are responsible for 90% of the world’s nutrition), 70 are pollinated by bees (Green Peace).
  • Pollinators add a $18 billion revenue value to crop production (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
  • One survey indicates in 2020, beekeepers lost 22% of their bee-population (Bee Informed)

What you can do

  1. Cut down or discontinue the use of pesticides in your yard, especially during pollinating season while plants are blooming
  2. Plant bee-friendly flowers and herbs in your garden or yard. Allow for bee-friendly weeds to grow, especially in early spring, pre-flowers-blooming
  3. Create a “bee-bath” (a bird-bath for bees) using a shallow container of water with rocks, marbles, etc. for bees to land, rest, and drink
  4. Support local beekeepers by buying their honey, beeswax, and other bee products so they can continue in their local bee-saving efforts
  5. Donate to an organization dedicated to promoting and ensuring the local, national, and or international health and diversity of bee populations
  6. Consider becoming a beekeeper to help strengthen your local bee population and increase pollinating efforts for your local flora