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Antique Honey Jars with Wax-Dipped Cork

How magical looking are these antique honey jars customized with corks hand-dipped in beeswax! You only need two materials- both of which can be found on our website. Simple and elegant. Perfect for weddings, table decorations, gifts, and more!


1 bottle of Great Lakes Bee Co. Honey in our Antique Jar with Cork

1 pack Great Lakes Bee Co. Pure Beeswax Bars


  1. Melt Beeswax in a double boiler, or in a heat-proof bowl in simmering water
  2. Remove the cork from your Antique Jar
  3. Dip the cork 2-3 times in melted wax
  4. Place the cork back in the jar while the wax is still warm
  5. Let sit until hardened
  6. Decorate with charms, ribbons, paint, twine, etc.

It’s that easy! A simple way to take these honey jars up a notch.

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