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We are happy to add back 9 Frame Nucs this Spring.

Nucs are popular in colder climates because they build much faster with fully established, self-supporting small hives consisting of 5 or 9 frames. One of the major benefits of nucs over packaged bees is that nucs already contain a laying queen with new bees that are either hatching or getting ready to hatch. They also have pollen and food stores established.

The bees in our 9 Frame Nucs are from Michigan Carniolan/Italian bees that live in Newaygo County and over winter in Georgia. We do splits in March and bring our girls back in May. Our 9 Frame Nuc is a full size wooden Longstroth hive box with 9 drawn out frames. There are 5-6 frames of brood + 2-3 frames of honey. These nuc colonies have a 4-6 week head start over a packaged installation.

Quantity: Price:
1-9 $200 each
10-19 $190 each

If you would like to purchase 20+ nucs, please call for special pricing.

50% Deposit is due with your order.
Balance is due at pick up.
Nuc Pickup is planned for May 13, 2023

Location for pick up is:
Kropscott Farm
6523 West Baseline Road
Fremont, Michigan 49412

For more information, email or call:

Great Lakes Bee Company


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